How CDN helps in increasing the Performance of a Website?

how to increase website loading speed in wordpress

Website designing needs to consider lots of issues regarding content convey user interaction as well as SEO optimization for better understanding. Most of the webmasters just focus on SEO, Keywords placement and infographics in their blogs but loading speed is also very important which plays a major role in increasing the website traffic of a particular website.

In order to increase the website speed and performance minification process as well as plugins can be used for caching, but still, there may be a little lag in the website which interferes users to connect with the content. Thus usage of a content delivery network (CDN) comes into usage.

CDN helps in faster loading of the website for users by providing other nodes of severs o connect with your website or for downloading resources from your website. Spreading the nodes throughout the world is one of the beneficial aspects to the webmasters as the website can be opened by people throughout the world.

CDN ensures to increase the response by reducing latency that interrupts in downloading of content.

how to increase speed of website

Working of CDN

A CDN can be termed as a network of servers that are dispersed geographically all over the world. It is also called as Edge servers as they tend to connect the user with different formats of content such as images, infographics, files such as JavaScript files and CSS files etc.

It also enhances the speed of structural components byreducing the time to retrieve the content from certain websites. It is said to beneficial only because it provides building blocks of a website in a massive number of servers that are distributed geographically throughout the world.

how to improve website loading speed

In a simple way, CDN increases the server of a particular website which makes its loading speed faster even when there is more website traffic at a particular time. When a user requests to enter your website then the server with minimum proximity connects which means that the processing and loading speed is increased. Increasing servers generally implies that the static content of the website is delivered to the shortest distance and that is the reason a website loads faster.

CDN is used by many websites which increases their servers and due to the faster experience traffic also increases. This is the reason Google, Facebook and many worldwide used website based application are successful.

Using a CDN

Usage and implementation of CDN depend on the vendor that you prefer. Although there are several options for availing CDN, most of them have similar usage procedures. All you have to do is follow some simple steps to enable basic CDN such as Cloudflare CDN to your website.

  • Sign up to cloudflare account and get registered to the cloud are.
  • After getting registered and adding it to your site, you can see many name servers.
  • Cloudflare then modifies your domains and root domain configurations of the website to connect them with many other servers that are distributed geographically.
  • Modifications by cloudflare in your website open the gateway for all incoming traffic and en routes them to many other servers all around the world.
  • Soon after the changes in the root domain, the IP ranges in many servers which mean all other servers are enabled to connect to your website instead of only your server.

Although the theoretical CDN usage process is simple to implement, using it requires certain skills and practice from a specific vendor’s CDN. However, before getting registered to the cloudflare of any account, you can follow the itinerary process of using the CDN to the website which will be easier to implement.

How to select a perfect CDN vendor?

will cdn speed up my websiteAlthough there are many benefits by using a CDN, choosing a best featured CDN vendor is most important. Thus the most preferred CDN providers are

Max CDN: Max CDN is probably the most preferred CDN provider with a large community of users all around the world. It has some incredible features such as reducing bandwidth, increasing page loading speed, Improving SEO rankings and so on.

It is the best CDN for the most used site such as WordPress and Open Cart. Max CDN uses the smarter and probably the huge network all over the world that makes it lead the CDN provider list. Max CDN is incredibly good at reducing latency as well as increasing the loading speed of a website.

Cloudflare CDN: Cloudflare CDN is also the most reliable and most used CDN provider throughout the world. It offers incredible speed as well as works well in reducing latency to a minimal rate. One of the best things of having Cloudflare CDN is that it chooses fastest servers to enhance the faster network connections.

Benefits of using a CDN

As website speed plays a major role in increasing website traffic as well as ranking in search engine, there are several advantages in using CDN.

  1. The whole content in the website is delivered from the server in the shortest distance which literally means that the page loads faster.
  2. CDN uses multiple distributed servers all over the world which means even if your server is down the user can connect from another server to your website. It may take time if the server at the shortest distance is not working, but it surely connects to the website.
  3. Bandwidth consumption is reduced to a great extent which means that the user doesn’t need to spend many data charges on a single page due to the distributed servers.
  4. Even high website traffic can be handled with CDN due to multiple caching servers all around the world.
  5. Using CDN with your website also has some safety measures such as blocking spammers, enabling captcha for bots etc.
  6. A few advanced CDNS possess one can see the traffic, usage of bandwidth as well as all other necessary analytics on the dashboard of the preferred vendor of CDN.
  7. The most beneficial thing of using CDN is that your website can be visited globally all over the world.
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