Top 10 Free CDN Providers for WordPress Website in 2019

Free CDN Providers for WordPress Website

What is a CDN?

What is a CDN

Content delivery network (CDN) is a bunch of servers designed to deliver website’s file to the site’s visitor in the fastest time.

Why a CDN?

CDN speeds up content delivery by serving the content from the server that is closest to the visitor. CDN decreases the loading time. There are three types of content delivery networks:

  • Content service protocols: these networks provide users to access website files.
  • Peer-to-peer CDNs: peer-to-peer work between personal computers and therefore are not great for hosting website files. BitTorrent is an example of peer-to-peer network.
  • Private CDNs: private CDNs means to create and manage own global network of servers to serve static files.

Free CDNs for WordPress

best free cdn 20191. CloudFlare

Best Free CDN Providers for WordPressCloudFlare is the best free CDN for WordPress users. It is powered by 115 datacenters. CloudFlare delivers speed, reliability and protection from DDoS attacks. It’s WordPress plugin is used over 100000 active websites.

2. Incapsula

incapsula free cdnIncapsula provides Application Delivery from the cloud: Global CDN, Website Security, DDoS Protection, Load Balancing and Failover. It takes less time to activate the service and a WordPress plugin to correct IP address information for comments posted on the site.

3. Photon by Jetpack

best free cdn 2019They have included a free CDN services called Photon that serves sites images through their globally powered grid. One of the features of Jetpack has to offer is their free CDN service called Photon.

4. Swarmify

Swarmify is a peer-to-peer based content delivery network that offers 10GB bandwidth in their free plan. Swarmify also offers video CDN, which is only a part of their paid plan.

5. CoralCDN

free cdn for wordpress sitesCoralCDN utilizes billions of computers across the internet to serve its data centers. This type is also known as the peer-to-peer content delivery network.

6. SwarmCDN

SwarmCDN offers a free plan with 250GB of free transfer. It is also available in around 196 countries worldwide.

7. Azadify CDN

free cdn for wordpress sitesAzadify CDN wordpress plugin helps to quickly and integrate Azdify’s free CDN with wordpress websites. It is fast and full featured CDN that offers unlimited bandwidth and HTTPS (SSL) support for free. It manually includes specific folders that you want to use with our CDN.

8. WP CDN Rewrite

WP CDN Rewrite allows to provide URL for website assets, JavaScript, CSS files, etc. these elements will be loaded from external sources which will significantly improve the page load time. It will also boost the page resulted from parallel browser requests.

9. Blue Hat CDN

free cdn for wordpress sitesThis provides useful features like high quality image optimization, database optimization, etc. this plugin is capable of offloading the static files of website. This works with other caching plugins.

10. CDN Speed Cache

free cdn for wordpress sitesIt is free WordPress CDN plugin which offers premium level CDN caching service. By using cloud caching technologies, this plugin will provide a significant boost to website loading speed. The plugin will start working within an hour of installing and activating on website.

Free Open-source CDN for Hosted Librariesfree cdn for wordpress sites

  •  Google hosted libraries

free cdn for wordpress sitesGoogle provides free hosting for some of the most popular libraries in their super fast infrastructure. This is useful for wordpress developers to use in their themes and plugins.

  • Cdnjs

free cdn for wordpress sitesCdnjs is a community powered CDN used by over 320000 websites. It is sponsored by CloudFlare, UserApp and Algolia. Cdnjs hosts over 1000 libraries.

  • jsDeliver

best free cdn 2019jsDeliver is a publicly available CDN where any web developer can upload and host their own files. It is best for hosting the libraries that are not hosted by Google. The WordPress plugin are used to integrate their services in the site.

  • Bootstrap CDN

best free cdn 2019Bootstrap is one of the most popular frameworks powering millions websites around the world. MaxCDN hosts the Bootstrap CDN libraries.

  • Cloudinary

best free cdn 2019Cloudinary is a service that offers an option to host images on the server. They have a few plans where you can host 10GB managed storage and 20GB monthly bandwidth.

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