7 Best Plugin for Speeding up WordPress site

Best Plugin to Speed up WordPress Website

WordPress is a powerful content management system that can easily be customized to create a website that looks and functions like your own However, and it can take some time to set up and configure the site. Some users have reported that they have speed improvements by using plugins.

There are many different plugins available that can speed up WordPress sites. Some of the most common plugins include caching, security, and performance enhancers.

I have a different article on how to speed up your WordPress website. Check that out to learn what you need. 

And then, you can find the exact plugin that can boost the speed of your WordPress website in no time. 

I know you can’t wait to speed up your WordPress website. So, let’s dive in and speed up your site with the help of the following plugins. 

WP Rocket 

If you are looking for a one plugin solution for all of your WordPress speed lacking issues, I will highly recommend WP Rocket. I have used this plugin on most of my client’s websites, and I don’t have to worry about anything after setting up WP Rocket. This plugin will do everything you need to speed up your WordPress website and believe me it works like magic! 

WP Rocket includes a number of features that can help improve your website’s performance.

One of the main features of WP Rocket is its caching capabilities. WP Rocket can cache your website’s files so that they are stored on your server. This can help to speed up your website’s loading times.

Another feature of WP Rocket is its optimizations. WP Rocket can help to optimize your website’s code. This can help to make your website more speed-friendly.

WP Rocket can help you compress your images so that they take up less space on your website and load faster. It also comes with the lazy load feature, so you don’t need another plugin to enable lazy loading. This can reduce the amount of time it takes to load your website and make it more user-friendly.


  • You can increase the speed by slightly tweaking the settings. 
  • An interface that is easy to use
  • Reduce the size of CSS, HTML, and Javascript. 
  • Built-in Lazy Load
  • Advanced rules for caching
  • Database Optimization 
  • Cloudflare Integration 
  • CDN integration (Paid Feature)
  • You can import and export settings and roll back versions

The only problem is you cannot use this plugin for free. You have to buy the premium version to use it. But at a price, it is totally worth it. 

W3 Total  Cache 

W3 Total  Cache is a popular plugin among website developers and members of the WordPress community. This high-tech plugin speeds up page loads by integrating a content delivery network (CDN), improving website performance. 

The W3 Total Cache plugin is a powerful caching plugin that helps improve the performance of your WordPress site. This plugin caches all static files, including images, CSS, and JavaScript files. This can help reduce your website’s load time by eliminating the need to send these files over the internet multiple times. 

Additionally, the plugin also caches posts and pages to make them available more quickly for users. Overall, this is a great plugin for anyone looking to speed up their WordPress site.


  • SEO ranks improve for mobile-friendly and SSL-enabled sites.
  • 10X faster page speed 
  • Instant browser caching 
  • pages start to load quickly and can be used more quickly.
  • Full Site Delivery with a CDN (Pro Feature)
  • Caching Statistics (Pro Feature)
  • Lazy Load for Google Maps(Pro Feature)
  • Fragment Caching (Pro Feature)
  • Rest API Caching (Pro Feature)

WP Fastest Cache

Over 1 million downloads, this is definitely one of the most trusted caching plugins among WordPress developers. This is one of my free plugins to speed up a WordPress website. WP Fastest Cache is a plugin that was created to help you speed up your website.

WP Faster cache

The plugin was created with the goal of caching your pages and posts. This will help reduce the time it takes to load your website. The code used behind this plugin is the fastest way to cache a page. 

WP Fastest Cache includes a number of features that can help improve the speed and performance of your WordPress site. These features include:


  • Cache levels, which allow you to control how many objects are cached and cached for how long; 
  • Cache clearing, which removes old cached data; 
  • Automatic cache invalidation, which helps ensure that stale data is removed from the cache; and 
  • Dynamic content caching, which caches content based on specific criteria.
  • Image Optimization (Paid Feature)
  • Database Clean-up (Paid Feature)
  • Google Font Async. (Paid Feature)
  • Gzip Compression (Paid Feature)


If your website has lots of images, if you grant access to publish posts from multiple authors and they don’t optimize their images with proper care, you are in danger! But one plugin can help you sleep freely in this situation. That is Smush. 

Two times Plugin madness award winner smush plugin has all the benefits you need to optimize your images. After setting up, you can run the bulk optimization to compress the existing images, and smush will play its magic trick and complete optimization in a few minutes. 

The Smush WordPress plugin is a great tool for optimizing your website. It can help you activate lazy load, which means that your website will only load images when they are visible on the screen. This can help reduce page loading times and improve your website’s performance. Smush can also help optimize your website’s images, making them smaller and faster to load.

The free plugin comes with a limited option. If your site is heavily image-dependent, I will highly recommend you buy its pro features. 


  • With our multi-pass lossy compression, you can optimize images up to twice as much as usual.
  • Lazy load with tons of styling options. 
  • Remove unnecessary data and compress photographs without losing quality.
  • Find site-slowing photos quickly.
  • Smush attachments for speedy uploading.
  • One-click picture optimization for up to 50 images.
  • Set your specific image rules, such as height, width, and resolution. 
  • Multisite capability 

For the best use of this plugin, you should buy the pro features. They have a 7-day free trial and 30-day money-back guarantee. But if you don’t need additional features still, the free plugin is enough to make your site fast. 

Expert Tip: If you use any other lazy load option from another plugin, then please deactivate lazy load from smush, or your website’s images will not be visible. 

WP Super Cache

If you are looking for a free caching plugin solution, then this is most probably the best in the WordPress repository. With over 2 million active installations, this is undoubtedly one of the best Free caching plugins for WordPress websites. If my clients can not afford to buy any premium features of other caching plugins then I always set up this one for better performance. 

The WP Super Cache plugin is a caching solution that allows you to store static content (like images and files) in a local cache so that it can be served up to your visitors faster. 

WP Super cache - best free caching plugin

The cache can be used for all static content on a site, including posts, pages, media files, and attachments. This is particularly useful for smaller websites; it will help to keep your site’s performance high. 

The WP Super Cache plugin is available from the official WordPress plugins repository. However, you can also install it straight from your WordPress dashboard by going to Plugins and installing the Plugin from there.


  • Mod Rewrite, PHP, and Legacy caching are all supported.
  • Serves static HTML files 
  • CDN support


Suppose you are looking for a good free solution that will provide caching support and optimize your website by compressing images and cleaning databases. In that case, WP-Optimize is an excellent choice for you. 

The WP-Optimize plugin provides a suite of features that make optimizing your WordPress website easier. The main features include Page Sizer, which allows you to set default page widths for your pages. This will make your pages more mobile-friendly. 

PageSpeed helps optimize your WordPress site to reduce its load time and improve speed. The WP Super Cache plugin is available from the official WordPress plugins repository. This plugin has over 1 million active installations. Therefore, you should not have any trust issues while using this one. 


  • A quick optimization tool that can assess your website’s loading speed and suggest ways to improve it. 
  • The ability to quickly remove unnecessary files from your WordPress site can improve performance and reduce loading time. 
  • An automatic deletion tool that can remove outdated or unused files from your WordPress site and improve performance. 
  • Warnings and alerts if there are any problems with the files on your website, so you can fix them quickly.
  • Image Optimization 
  • Advanced optimization options (paid Features)
  • Lazy Loading (Paid Feature)
  • Multi-site support (Paid Feature)
  • Optimize individual tables (Paid Feature)


NitroPack is an all-inclusive speed optimization system, not just a plugin for WordPress.

Nitropack is a website speed optimization platform that features a variety of features to help improve your site’s performance. From optimizing your page for search engines to improving loading times, nitropack has something for everyone. If you’re looking to streamline your website’s loading time and improve user experience, nitropack is the tool for you.

Insert your domain name and activate the plugin to connect your sites. The user can then set the level of optimization ferocity.

When you install NitroPack, it will immediately begin optimizing your site. It’ll have features like DNS prefetching, delaying of JavaScript, minification, compression, image optimization, providing pictures in next-gen formats like SVG, and a global content delivery network (CDN).

Since all of the optimization work is done on their end, it will impact your own servers less.

It offers a free feature that includes their badge inside your website, which is not that good for a professional website. So, I will highly recommend you buy their pro features.


  • Automatic optimization of a website
  • You can use WordPress, Woocommerce, and Open cart websites. 
  • Different kinds of caching (page, browser, and more)
  • Global CDN is included and is set up automatically.
  • Change images to formats for the future
  • HTML, JS, and CSS are shrunk down.
  • Auto Image optimization 
  • Put offloading JS
  • Prefetching DNS
  • HTML, CSS, and JS can be zipped up.

Frequently Asked Question 

1. Which factors slow down a WordPress website? 

WordPress websites can be slow for several reasons. One reason is that they are often bogged down with too many plugins. 

While plugins are great for adding features to your website, they can also slow it down if too many of them exist. Another reason for a slow WordPress website is poor hosting. If your website is hosted on a shared server, it will likely be slower than if it were on a dedicated server. 

Finally, large images can also slow down a WordPress website. If you have many images on your website, try optimizing them for the web to speed up your site.

2. How many plugins should I install to improve the speed of my website? 

I will recommend only one. The plugins that I reviewed here got the ability to do most of the tasks to make your site faster. But if your website has too many images, I will also tell you to buy the pro features of smush as that is a very handy tool for sites with lots of images. Other than one plugin is enough. If you ask for my recommendation, I will tell WPRocket. 

3. How many plugins should I install?

It’s tough to say without knowing the use cases. But my recommendation will be don’t use two plugins if you can do it with one. If you are using a page builder try to use that to design your pages. Don’t install other plugins for design purposes. If necessary, buy premium features, but using more plugins will slow your website. 

Rounding Up 

The thumb rule for speeding up your WordPress website is using a good hosting provider and not installing too many plugins. Therefore, I will highly recommend choosing one of the above plugins and using that to improve the speed of your website. Installing more plugins will just increase your workload. I hope this post on the best plugin for speeding up WordPress site was helpful to you. Now, it’s time to do your part.

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